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Job Information

Lauridsen Group Inc. Process Controls Engineer - APC in Ankeny, Iowa

Develop, design, and implement instrumentation and process controls necessary for efficient operations of the APC facilities and supply sites.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is preferred.

Experience: 8+ years of experience in industrial/processing engineering, required.


  • Design, modify, and troubleshoot ladder logic for APC plants and collection sites.

  • Design, modify, and troubleshoot PanelView + applications for APC plants and collection sites.

  • Design and modify electrical schematics.

  • Will be involved in all aspects of panel design to UL standards from concept, fabrication and installation.

  • Perform all onsite project startup duties as they pertain to automation.

  • Ability to work daily and extended hours, as necessary, including weekends and holidays.

  • Travel to APC supplier and production facilities expected to be 25 to 40%.

  • Assistance with special or ongoing projects as instructed by the Engineering Manager.

  • Will maintain a high level of confidentiality related to all duties and responsibilities, such as product development information, engineering methods, techniques, and current of future projects

  • Operation of all necessary office equipment required to accomplish job duties, such as, computers, telephones, fax machines, etc.

  • Serve as a resource for APC supplier facilities, to assist with equipment training, as directed.

  • Maintain and improve, as necessary, process historian databases for APC Supplier and Production facilities.

  • Develop scopes of work, request for proposals and quoting for electrical and controls systems.

  • Develop solutions related to electrical and controls issues in APC plants and collection sites.

  • Understand electrical safety including arc flash.

  • Attend continuing education training to improve technical and soft skills


  • Must be proficient in Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix 5000 programming software. Ideal candidate will have 5+ years’ experience in program development, debugging, onsite startup, and continuing support.

  • Must be proficient it Allen-Bradley's Factory Talk Studio ME. Ideal candidate will have 5+ years’ experience in designing applications for the PanelView Plus line of HMI displays as well as troubleshooting of existing units.

  • Must be proficient in AutoCAD. Ideal candidate will be well experienced with ladder diagrams, control panel electrical overview, power distribution, and P&ID overviews within AutoCAD.

  • Must be familiar with all aspects of electrical control panel design and have the ability to provide onsite trouble-shooting.

  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office.

  • Must be proficient in 480 volt 3 phase and lower control voltages, electrical, electronics and circuitry.

  • Due to requirements of this position, including requirements of companies with whom we do business, successful applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Vaccine verification will be required upon hire.


  • Familiarity with Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix 500 programming software, with an emphasis on conversions to newer lines of software.

  • Experience with Wonderware's InTouch programming software.

  • Experience with Inductive Automation's Ignition software.

  • Knowledge of SQL databases using MySQL, SQL Server, etc. to modify the database.

  • Experience in PanelView legacy systems would be helpful.

  • Ability to assist in field support and start-up including control system checkout, troubleshooting and field logic revisions, either by on-site evaluation or remote access..

  • Have the ability to read and develop control logic diagrams


Approximate: 8-Hour Day (may be longer during peak season)


Occasional = 0% - 33%

Frequent = 34% - 66%

Continuous = 67% - 100%

N/A = Not Applicable

Standing - Occasional

Sitting - Frequent

Walking - Frequent

Bending/Kneeling/Crouching/Stooping - Frequent

Reaching Above Shoulder - Occasional

Climbing (stairs, ladders, etc.) - Occasional

Working on Heights:

Unprotected Heights - Occasional

Protected Heights - Occasional

Lifting Weights from 0 to 55 pounds - Occasional

Push/Pull/Maneuver Equipment/Products/Materials

Weighing from 0 to 200 pounds - Occasional

Being Around and/or Operating Moving Machinery/Equipment - Occasional

Operating a Vehicle (as a part of your job) - Occasional

Read/Monitor Gauges on Various Equipment/Machinery - Occasional

Hand Movements:

Recording Data - Occasional

Operating Office Equipment - Frequent

Operating Computer - Frequent

Simple Grasping (right and left) - Occasional

Firm Grasping (right and left) - Occasional

Fine Manipulating (right and left) - Frequent

Foot Movements to Operate Foot Controls - N/A

Good Vision, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to Access

Required Information and to Perform Job Duties - Yes

Color Definition - Yes

Good Hearing, Corrected to Normal; or Ability to Communicate

and/or Understand Required Information and to Perform

Job Duties - Yes

Ability to be Mobile throughout Required Work Areas - Yes

Office - Frequent

Multiple Locations - Occasional

Plant - Frequent

Equipment/Maintenance or Repair Area - Occasional

Rough Terrain - Occasional

Other - N/A


This job requires the mental capabilities to apply advanced electrical and process control practices/principles to develop equipment/machinery processes utilized in the production of APC, LLC products resulting in a profitable and high quality finished product. Furthermore, the incumbent for this position must have the abilities to organize and manage several tasks/projects simultaneously and possess excellent communication skills in working with a variety of business associates.


Working conditions vary, a portion of the job duties occur within a general office environment while other job duties occur within the pilot or manufacturing plant setting with exposure to acidic and alkaline substances. Additional exposures include biohazards, odor, noise, dust, moving machinery, and occasional contact with hazardous chemicals.

Furthermore, this position may require the incumbent to travel on business to production plant in a variety of weather conditions.