General Laborer position includes (but is not limited to the following):1. Must be willing to do hard physical labor2. Hands on-pipe/culvert installation-assist equipment operators however necessary3. May eventually operate heavy equipment as well4. We are a grading and excavating company so you may need to assist in jobs such as setting grade stakes, traffic control, equipment repairs, heavy lifting and whatever other hands-on duties needed to complete work on job sites.We often work on the road (up to 4 hours away from Jackson County, Iowa). When we do work out of town we leave around 5am Monday morning and we stay in the town we are working in until Friday afternoon. S2 Construction, LLC pays all hotel expenses and you are able to ride to the project site in an S2 Construction pickup. You have to have your own transportation to and from our shop which is located in Bellevue, IA. Drivers License is required.