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Job Information

Graham Construction Company Field Engineer in Des Moines, Iowa

Graham Construction is one of the leading Construction Managers and General Contractors in the Midwest. The skills that have made us one of the top healthcare contractors in the Midwest, have also benefited customers in other industries with complex projects such as labs, demanding renovations requiring continuous operations, and projects with aggressive schedules. We are committed to "Building what's important", our relationships with our customers, architects, and trade partners. We believe that trust, honesty and open communication are critical foundations for building long-term relationships. This philosophy has led to a long list of repeat customers, some that we are proud to have been associated with since our inception in 1981.

What do we offer?

  • Full time salaried position

  • 401K

  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life insurance available

  • Vacation and personal days

    Job Responsibilities:

  • Project Management

  • Provides necessary accounting and work related documentation. Assists with appropriately charging labor, material and subcontractor costs.

  • Performs duties associated with assigned projects. Includes reviewing and maintaining submittals, shop drawings, closeouts, project plans/files; project change orders, purchase orders, and contingency budgets; maintaining subcontractor relationships; supervise working relationships; maintain and track work schedules.

  • Assists with budgets, estimates, and writing proposals.

  • Reviews all documentation and follows all processes for the bidding process. Assists the designers and Owners to meet their responsibilities.

  • Ensures the necessary equipment and project materials are at the job site when needed.

  • Drafts, reviews, issues, and administers subcontractor and supplier agreements.

  • Maintains good professional relations with Graham Construction team, which includes disseminating information, consultations to address job related issues, and enhance reporting relationship to ensure the profitability of the organization.

  • Manages “Closeout Excellence”. Assists in ensuring final punch list items are completed and all necessary documentation has been provided.

  • Works with Owner and Architect to conduct final inspections, oversee job clean up, and ensure timely completion of required work items.

  • Follows the Graham Construction’s standard operating procedures.

  • Maintains compliance with the company safety policies, state and federal laws, OSHA, building codes, non-discrimination requirements, etc.

  • Works closely with Superintendent and Project Manager to learn labor and material reports and able to accurately analyze the available money and manpower for specific work activities and their associated cost codes.

  • Understands cost codes and is capable of cost coding the weekly payroll

  • Begins to understand the Graham Yard and/or Vendor Rental procedures, material transfers, equipment usages, maintenance of equipment, cost implications, etc.

  • Assists Superintendents in Creating and Maintaining details 6-week project schedule in Excel format (Requirement: Excel Training Course Completed and/or Proven Ability to Establish/Maintain Schedule).

  • Confirms and assists the completion of the Pre Construction Risk Assessment and all infection control measures are in place.

  • Issues project correspondence including Request for Information, Proposal Requests, etc.

  • Participates in Subcontractor and Foreman meetings.

  • Assures quality. Actively participates in 1st Installation Verification and Pre Installation meetings.

  • Able to read/understand/implement Bid Packages for projects after job is awarded

  • Makes every effort to ensure the profitability of assigned projects

  • Completes Daily Reports (Separate from that of Project Superintendent) on a daily basis (Project Management Software Competency).

  • Able to manage Graham tool and equipment inventory on the jobsite.

  • Assists in and contributes to all required jobsite inspections (City/State/AHJ/OSHA).

  • Demonstrates the “Graham Mentality.”


  • Assists with the development of budgets, estimates, schedules, proposals, and value engineering.

    Owner / Customer Relationships

  • Maintains good professional relations with past and existing Customers.

  • Informs Graham Construction Company of potential project opportunities.

  • Attends and assists Owner construction progress meetings and updates.

  • Assists Owner with project related requests.

  • Attends Ground Breaking and Ribbon Cutting ceremonies and major company events for their projects.

  • Manages Owner expectations.


  • Communicates with Owners, architects, subcontractors, superintendents, and Graham management and staff throughout the process.

  • Represents Graham Construction in a public setting.

  • States all goals and expectations – establishes dates and timelines for work or tasks to be completed.

  • Promotes Graham Construction internally and externally.

  • Demonstrates appropriate attitude.


  • Promotes a culture of safety both internally and externally.

  • Understands and complies with the company policies, state and federal laws, OSHA, building codes, non-discrimination requirements, etc.

  • Completes 10 hour OSHA training within the first 90 days of employment.

  • Assists in planning regular safety meetings/training and documentation and provides every opportunity for a safe job site.

    Professional Development

  • Advances learning through training and education courses to gain greater expertise to achieve job objectives more effectively and efficiently.

  • Establishes a professional self-improvement plan and actively work towards achievement of set goals.

    Job Qualifications:

    1. Knowledge of roles and responsibilities of personnel and project staff.

    2. Skill in assessing issues and communicating/implementing the decisions quickly.

    3. Knowledge of construction means, methods and engineering techniques as it relates to the products and services the Company provides.

    4. Ability to comply with all work related deadlines.

    5. Ability to understand and implement standard operating procedures.

    6. Ability to participate in multiple projects.

    7. Ability to communicate effectively with management staff, company project staff, vendors, contractors, and project Owners on any issues/problems related to the project.

    8. Ability to manage job costs effectively.

    9. Ability to train and instruct the duties of those you delegate to.

    10. Skill in having the vision to see the project through the eyes of the Owner.

    11. Skill in listening and problem solving with the ability to be open-minded.

    12. Ability to resolve minor issues without laying blame.

    13. Ability to bring final resolution to issues and problems.

    14. Knowledge of product costs and labor costs to evaluate change orders.

    15. Ability to use written and verbal communication effectively.

    16. Ability to learn and acquire customer specific design needs.

    17. Ability to see other’s perspectives with regards to their concerns.

    18. Ability to remain calm and professional during peak periods of activities.

    19. Ability to operate a vehicle, maintain insurance, and travel in a variety of weather conditions on company business.

    20. Ability to work daily and extended hours as necessary.

    21. Ability to assist in other work related areas as necessary.

    22. Ability to describe Graham Construction’s involvement in program management, equipment planning, schematic design, design development, and construction document scopes of work and processes.