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Graham Construction Company Preconstruction Manager in Des Moines, Iowa

Preconstruction Manager

JOB TITLE: Preconstruction Manager

REPORTS TO: Preconstruction Leader

PURPOSE: The purpose of this job is to manage the staff and resources involved/related to estimating and preconstruction to ensure quality budgets and estimates are created for our clients.


  • Preconstruction/Estimating 75%

  • Creates and manages the development of conceptual budgets, estimates, schedules, and proposals. Ensures labor, material and subcontractor amounts are checked and can be reasonably explained.

  • Leads the design team through design, planning, scheduling, budgeting & value management processes with accountability & clear communication.

  • Reports issues or areas of concern with the estimate or project documents to the project team promptly.

  • Demonstrates the practical and technical knowledge required to do the job.

  • Administers duties associated with assigned projects. Includes takeoff, subcontractor and supplier solicitation, Owner/Architect/Engineer correspondence and clarifications.

  • Develops and maintains a cost history database to be used in future budgeting efforts.

  • Reviews all documentation and manages the bidding process.

  • Creates, budgets, and presents value engineering options.

  • Reviews bid package descriptions to ensure alignment of costs and scopes of work.

  • Assists the team through the program management process.

  • Leads project team in preparation and presentation of information in internal budget review meetings.

  • Keeps the project development within the Owner’s budget and priorities.

  • Manages Owner expectations.

  • Reviews and determines constructability of design.

    Communication 7%

  • Communicates with owners, architects, governmental authorities, subcontractors, superintendents, and Graham management and staff.

  • Assist/Lead owner with procurement of master planning and project design teams and vendors by fostering clear communication and consensus building.

  • Lead the entire design process including board and community presentations.

  • Maintains good professional relations with Graham Construction team, which includes disseminating information, consultations to address job related issues, and enhance reporting relationship to ensure the profitability of the organization.

  • Demonstrates skills including listening, problem solving, and running effective meetings with the ability to be open.

  • Demonstrates appropriate attitude.

  • Leads team members, internally and externally, to clearly state all goals and expectations – establishes dates and timelines for work or tasks to be completed.

  • Promotes Graham Construction internally and externally.

    Staff Leadership 2%

  • Mentors project team members.

  • Maintains strong professional relationships with Graham Construction team by disseminating information, engaging in consultations to address job related issues, and enhancing reporting relationship to ensure the profitability of the organization.

    Owner/Customer Relationships 5%

  • Maintains good professional relations with past and existing Customers. Continues to engage them to ensure they are a customer for life.

  • Informs Graham Construction Company of potential project opportunities.

    Strategic Plan Leadership 3%

  • Provide leadership and actively participate in the Graham Construction Company strategic plan.

  • Attends Industry Association events such as IHA, ISHE, MBI, AIA, ASPE.

    Safety 3%

  • Maintains compliance with the company policies, state and federal laws, OSHA, building codes, non-discrimination requirements, etc.

  • Ensures safety procedures are thought out and budgeted accordingly with the cost of the work.

    Project Management 2%

  • Follows Graham Construction’s standard operating procedures

  • Performs work requiring advanced knowledge, defined as work which is predominantly intellectual in character and which includes work requiring consistent exercise of discretion and judgement.

  • Uses advanced knowledge to analyze, interpret or make deductions from varying facts.

    Professional Development 3%

  • Advances learning through training and education courses to gain greater expertise to achieve job objectives more efficiently.


  • Knowledge of Program Management, Schematic Design, Design Development scopes of work and processes.

  • Knowledge of construction means and methods and engineering techniques as it relates to the products and services the Company provides.

  • Knowledge of product costs, labor costs, and associated time frames essential to developing cost effective project budgets.

  • Ability to perform and organize quantity takeoff.

  • Ability to effectively manage the personnel and resources related to estimating projects.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with management staff, company project staff, vendors, general contractors, and project owners on any issues/problems related to the project.

  • Ability to manage job cost history effectively and prepare reports outlining the costs associated with the various projects.

  • Ability to remain calm and professional during peak periods of activities.

  • Knowledge of organizational methods and the ability to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.

  • Ability to perform basic and complex mathematical calculations.

  • Ability to use written and verbal communication effectively.

  • Ability to operate a vehicle, maintain insurance, and travel in a variety of weather conditions on company business.

  • Ability to operate all necessary office equipment required to accomplish job duties such as, computers, copiers, calculators, phones, fax machines, etc.

  • Ability to comply with all work-related deadlines.

  • Ability to work daily and extended hours as necessary.

  • Ability to assist in other work-related areas as necessary.


  • Owner’s mindset

  • Honesty/Trustworthiness

  • Integrity

  • Respect for others

  • Self respect

  • Sincerity

  • Caring Attitude

  • Positive Attitude

  • Accountability

  • Confidence

  • Determination

  • Proactive

  • Credibility

  • Professional appearance

  • Ambassador for the company

  • Strong desire to succeed

  • A true interest in what you are doing

  • Self motivated

  • Be a leader

  • Be a team player

  • Desire to go “above and beyond” what is expected

  • Optimistic

  • Open mind – think “outside the box”

  • Vision to see the project through completion, through the eyes of the owner—before the project is even started

  • Charisma—the ability to get the project team motivated


  • Organized

  • Good verbal communication skills

  • Good written communication skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Construction knowledge

  • Leadership

  • Ability to visualize and conceptualizes plans and verbal descriptions

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Anticipate problems and devise back-up plans


    Education: BS in Engineering or Management preferred.

    Experience: A minimum of 2-4 years of experience in preconstruction & estimating construction projects.


  • 30-day check in with VP of People Strategy

  • Monthly accountability check-in with Preconstruction Leader

  • 90-day check-in with VP of People Strategy

  • Annual reviews in February with Preconstruction Leader

    "Note: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of the job duties and requirements associated with this job but is intended to represent an accurate reflection of the current job."