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RAMMS CONSTRUCTION LLC Construction Laborer in Wilton, Iowa

Ramms Construction LLC, 2235 Highland Acres Road Marshalltown, IA 50158, 641-691-6584 is seeking 6 temporary full-time construction laborers to work at Chandler Pointe 801 W 5th Street Wilton, IA 52778 from 04/01/22 to 12/31/ residential and commercial concrete construction. Measure and layout footings and foundations. Excavate footings and level earth to grade specifications. Strengthening material in concrete, position aluminum wall forms, and place all concrete. Clean site. 2 months wall form setting experience required. Must be able to lift and carry 75 lbs. 75 yds. Must be able to handle temperature extremes. On the job training will be provided. No prior education required. Daily transportation to and from the worksite will be provided.i $17.70/hr.i Approx. 40 hours/week, Mon-Fri, 7am-5:30pm with up to 10 hours overtime. $26.55 /hr. for overtime.i Applicants may be offered higher wage than advertised. Wage rate may vary based on experience and/or merit. All deductions from the workeris paycheck will be made as required by law. Advances will be deducted with the employeeis consent. The employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages and pay weekly by check.i The employer will provide housing as an option to the employees.i Employees who elect to live in the housing will have an additional $50.00 deducted per weekly paycheck for rent and utilities. In the first workweek, the cost of transportation (including meals and to the extent necessary, lodging) to the place of employment will be directly reimbursed to every worker. Return transportation will be provided if the worker completes the employment period or is dismissed early by the employer. In the first workweek, daily subsistence for travel to the place of employment will be reimbursed at a rate of at least $12.68/day to a maximum of $55.00/day with receipts. Also, workers will be reimbursed in the first workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing and other related fees, including those mandated by the government (except passport fees). The employer will provide workers at no charge all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the job. To apply contact our office at 641-691-6584/ or the nearest Iowa Works office at 101 Iowa Ave West Suite 200 Marshalltown, IA 50158 at 641-754-1400.